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Winans Market Research

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Financial Inventions

A key to Winans Investment’s success as a money manager its strong in-house research capabilities.

WI developed several investment indexes and a stock market technical indicator. These tools provide WI with useful insights into the financial trends of the last 100 years that do reoccur in present day. These indices are also used by major media, financial and academic institutions on a subscription basis through Morningstar, Global Financial Data, MetaStock & SRC Research

Winans Legacy Stock Index (Symbol: WILSI)

Developed 2013, the Winans Legacy Stock Index (WILSI) is an unweighted composite of 300 senior common stocks from diverse industry sectors which comprise the historical leadership of the U.S. economy. Most of the companies have been in continuous operation since 1897 (on average), and most have been continuously traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) since 1970.

Since the WILSI’s underlying components remain unchanged over a 40-year timeframe, this provides a baseline to compare today’s financial conditions to past stock market cycles using the exact same securities. The WILSI provides an alternative means to evaluate stock market activity (past and present), and it eliminates many of the statistical flaws inherent in conventional stock market indices (i.e., S&P 500 Index & Dow Jones Industrial Average) due to their frequent changes in underlying components and data weighting methods.

Winans Preferred Stock Index ® (Symbol: WIPSI ®)

Developed in 2005, the WIPSI was the first modern index to track these cornerstone securities. It is an even-weighted index that consists of 140 traditional preferred stocks of US companies that have regularly issued listed exchange traded preferred stocks. As of December 2022, the industry breakdown was 58% financial services, 21% real estate investment trusts, 11% utilities and 10% industrials. It has price, yield and volume data back to 1890.

Winans Real Estate Index ™ (Symbol: WIREI ™)

Developed in 2007, the WIREI (Patent Pending 11/670,914) tracks new U.S. home prices since 1830. It’s unique approach rescaled and combined several well know government studies of U.S. new home prices into a continuous data set without the “gapping” and time lag problems found in other studies. The WIREI has several sub-indices: 1. Sales since 1962, 2. Inflation since 1932, 3. Home sizes (i.e., average square feet) since 1973 and 4. Geographic regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, West) since 1975.

Winans Trend Indicator (Symbol: WTI)

Developed in the early 1990’s, the Winans Trend Indicator (WTI) (Patent Pending 11/767,880) is key in determining overall investment strategy for stock investing at Winans Investments. Based on the analysis of hundreds of years of investment data, it was discovered that a simple moving average (sma) works better for long-term trend analysis. The 200-day moving average was found to be most effective as a selling indicator; while the 125-day moving average was better as a buying indicator. Further studies showed that percentage adjustments used as filters on the 125-sma and the 200-sma significantly improved the indicator’s effectiveness.