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Investment Process

Successful active Investing requires a time-tested, disciplined strategy that answers two questions: WHEN to buy & sell and WHAT to buy & sell.
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Put your faith in our team, and you’ll receive in return:

  • Commitment to performance through growth and income investments
  • Active management that reduces your risk
  • Portfolio customized for your needs
  • Independent financial research
  • Personalized client-servicing
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Market Analysis – When to Buy or Sell

Market analysis provides insight about the current investing climate as well as possible threats in the near future.

As the developer of the Winans Preferred Stock Index™, Winans Real Estate Index™, Winans Legacy Stock Index, and Winans Trend Indicator, Winans Investments has a strong reputation in market analysis. We actively monitor the long-term trends of the stock, bond, and real estate markets to detect any changes that would cause us to shift our overall investment mix.

An important key to our investment program is that our clients allow us to maintain large cash positions and/or hedge against market volatility when our market analysis is negative. Indicators such as the S&P 500 Index or the Dow Jones Corporate Bond Average declining below their 200-day moving averages might trigger this decision

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Investment Analysis – What to Buy or Sell

Growth Investment Selection

(Common Stocks, Commodities, Real Estate Investment Trusts)

Most investment advisors focus on fundamental analysis. We use a blend of fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis in our investment selection process. Since the main objective in growth investing is price appreciation of our investments, Winans Investments’ research focuses on the long-term historical performance of a company’s stock. We believe that stock price movement leads all other financial and economic information.

Our typical growth portfolio has a diversified mix (between 20 and 40 holdings) of US-based companies from various industry groups that have a medium to large market capitalization. Exchange traded funds are typically used in smaller portfolios.

After an investment candidate has passed our screening criteria, we actively monitor their portfolio. We seek buying, loss reduction, and profit-taking opportunities for growth investments.

Trusted Advisors for Wealth Management in Novato: Winans Investments

Investment Income Selection

Bonds and Preferred Stocks

We have strong capabilities in both fixed-income and equity-income investments. In fact, we literally wrote the book on preferred stocks.

Our objective of income investing is to provide a projected annual income with low volatility in prices.
We have created a proprietary system to rate and monitor the issuers of preferred stocks and fixed income. We review and compare the issuer’s fundamentals with our pre-established financial standards on a routine basis or if there are unusual corporate developments that could affect an individual investment.

Our typical income portfolio has a mix of 20 to 40 corporate bond and preferred stock holdings. Maturities are laddered between 2 and 10 years and are held to maturity or call date. Diversification is key to minimizing the default risks. We diversify by issuer, industry, maturity and investment type — corporate bond versus preferred stock.