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Who is Winans Investments?
  1. Independent SEC Registered Investment Advisor since 1992.
  2. A fiduciary with client assets held at Charles Schwab.
  3. Experienced staff with over 90 cumulative years of financial service expertise.
  4. Top ranked active investment manager with proprietary investment strategies for equity and fixed income investments.
  5. Research firm that pioneered the development of 5 investment indexes used by media, Wall Street & government agencies.
  6. Longstanding member of CFA Institute and CMT Association.
  7. A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.
  8. Diverse company culture & active in local communities.
  9. Independent Board of Directors with extensive industry experience.
Why Use WI as a money manager?
  1. Verified investment performance in bull & bear markets.
  2. Long history of consistent & timely market forecasts.
  3. Balance of technical trading & fundamental investing.
  4. In-house investing: expertise in stocks, commodities, corporate bonds and preferred.
  5. Customized, separate managed portfolios for tax efficiency.
  6. Transparent, competitive fees, No exit penalties.