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Proven Performance Through Experience and Innovation

“The key to long-term investment success is to correctly interpret investment history and apply it to today’s financial climate.”
-Ken Winans, President of Winans Investments

Who is Winans Investments?

Winans Investments (formerly Winans International) is an independent and privately owned SEC registered investment advisory firm since 1992. A dedicated team with extensive financial service experience. In-house investment management using proprietary investment strategies that helps us build wealth for our clients through separately managed portfolios. A competitive fee-based fiduciary with clients nationwide and assets held at Charles Schwab.

Why Hire Winans Investments?

With over 30 years of investment management experience with top ranked investment performance by Morningstar®. Our five portfolios offer clients with different needs customized choices for growth, income and balanced investing goals. Through our proprietary research, we have a long history of consistent & timely market forecasts, and our unique investing style blends the benefits of technical trading and fundamental investing. Please watch our video for more details
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Investment Philosophy

  • History is an Important Tool.
  • Prices Generally Move in Long Trends, Guiding Us Toward What We Can Expect From Economic and Financial Data.
  • Investment Risk is Relative.
  • An Investment Strategy Requires Both an Offensive and Defensive Plan.
  • Fads Come and Go. Sometimes, the Same Ones Come Again. And Go Again.