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Initial Services

A Winans customer’s journey toward stable, steady income begins here.



We conduct a preliminary performance analysis of all existing investments. This often includes an examination of possible tax implications and mutual fund costs associated with the portfolio.



In conjunction with advice from other financial advisors, we review our clients’ entire holdings; then we develop and implement a customized, multiyear investment strategy.



We provide guidance in selecting the brokerage house that will best serve the portfolio’s needs. And we oversee the paperwork required to set up and transfer accounts.

Ongoing Services

Monitoring and Executing Trades

Through our research and proprietary processes, we identify new and/or replacement investments for each client based on their individual plan. We constantly monitor existing investments and execute trades in order to meet or exceed client goals in light of the current investment climate.

Near the end of each year, we implement tax-reduction strategies by selling investments that are performing at a significant loss and buying other investments that show a higher potential return.

We handled special client requests such as:

✓Honoring client investment restrictions
✓Monitoring client-directed investments
✓Coordinating investments among multiple accounts
✓Holding required cash reserves
✓Providing special research

Account management

cog_wiWe believe that streamlining our clients’ account activities as much as possible produces a better experience for our customers and minimizes confusion and clerical errors. So we coordinate with the brokerage houses to handle the majority of the administrative issues.

Account document flow
Voting corporate proxies
Filing for shareholder class action lawsuits, etc.

Face time


We are one of the few firms that still makes house calls, whereby clients can meet with our staff in the privacy of their homes or offices. Our staff is familiar with each client’s individual needs, and most issues that arise are handled within 24 hours.

Periodically we meet in person or hold a conference call to review the portfolio and discuss possible changes. Video Conferencing is available.


House calls
Video conferencing
Conference calls


Performance reviews

Every quarter we provide a performance analysis of investments called the Portfolio Overview. This all-inclusive report takes the information provided by the brokerage house on all the accounts being managed for the client and combines it into one report that makes it easy to follow the progress being made in reaching the established five-year goal. As part of the Portfolio Overview, we note: short-term and long-term term capital gains transactions, dividend and interest income, and potential deductible fees. This allows the investor and his or her accountant to better plan for year-end tax issues.*

All-inclusive annual reviews
✓Multiyear-plan progress report
Year-end tax overview

*We neither provide nor offer tax advice. You should consult your tax professional before engaging in any planned financial transactions that may have tax implications.


Winans Investments charges a fee for portfolio management services based on a percentage of the assets under management. Fees are billed in advance each quarter for a prorated amount of the annual fee and are deducted directly from the brokerage account.

The client receives an invoice showing the amount of the fee, the specific manner in which the fee was calculated, and any late fees imposed on the account. Investment management fees are usually tax deductible for most clients. (Consult your tax professional for additional guidance.)


Fee Schedule

Assets Under ManagementGrowth InvestmentsTaxable Income
Under $500,000Negotiable
$500,001 to $1,000,0001.24%0.92%
$1,000,001 to $2,000,0001.11%0.87%
$2,000,001 to $3,000,0001.03%0.83%
$3,000,001 to $4,000,0001.01%0.81%
$4,000,001 to $5,000,0000.98%0.79%
Over $5,000,000Negotiable

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