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Ken Winans, President, Winans Investments

"The key to long-term investment success is to correctly interpret investment history and apply it to today’s financial climate.”

-Ken Winans, President of Winans Investments

Ken Winans left a promising career with Merrill Lynch and started Winans International in 1992 with seven clients. He envisioned an advisory practice that would be different from other investment firms, with a view of countering the impersonal, one-size-fits-all approach. By providing innovative investment solutions, made possible through his own research, he believed he could design individual portfolios to meet the individual needs of each client.

Today, Winans Investments manages equity and fixed-income investments. We know that investing successfully in rapidly developing economic situations requires complex knowledge, experience and significant time.

Many people try to manage their own investing in order to save money on fees. That’s understandable. However, they sometimes find that the constant barrage of news, earnings projections and tips streaming in from the Internet and on television doesn’t provide a hoped-for solution — in fact, they might be left with even more uncertainty. Still worse, individual investors have a tendency to panic at the first signs of trouble, abandoning what may have been a solid investment strategy.

At Winans Investments, our track record has proven our ability to invest in a variety of economic conditions. We utilize multiple security types to take advantage of changes in the investment world as we meet our clients’ goals and comfort levels. We’re experienced with long positions and hedging techniques involving:

Common Stocks

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Bonds (Corporate and Municipal)

Preferred Stocks

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Other advisors may adhere to a policy of being 100% invested at all times, avoiding proper attention to the entirety of the investment climate. We believe the primary job of an investment advisor is to meet the client’s overall investment goals during good markets and to minimize losses during bad markets. Our position is that knowing when to buy or sell can be as important as knowing what to buy or sell.

Through our proprietary market analysis, we actively monitor the long-term trends of the stock, bond and real estate markets. Doing so enables us to detect changes that may cause us to shift our overall investment mix. In some situations, we may turn defensive, temporarily keeping a large amount of cash out of the markets until favorable opportunities return. The objective is to allow our clients to take profits in a bull market when their goals have been exceeded and to buy during a bear market when opportunities exist.


Through our system, we can invest to meet the evolving needs of our individual clients. Winans Investments customizes portfolios by setting investment goals and asset allocations determined by the risk tolerance and personal needs of each client. Each portfolio is assigned a fixed, five-year cumulative performance goal. This goal is based on the long-term historical returns of growth (common stocks and real estate investment trusts) and income (bonds and preferred stocks) investments.

We’re not focused on short-term capital gains for higher gross quarter-to-quarter performance — that would only position our clients to paying unwanted taxes at the end of the year. At Winans, we pay close attention to after-tax returns where the emphasis is placed on investment quality to achieve portfolio growth rather than on short-term trading. We also emphasize investment placement within taxable and tax-deferred accounts to maximize after-tax returns.*


Too many wealth managers, financial planners and stock brokers are merely middlemen between the clients and the people actually managing their investments. At Winans, our clients have direct access to our client-servicing team, as well as to our portfolio-management team.

Additionally, we sometimes collaborate with our clients’ other advisors, including accountants, attorneys, pension administrators and insurance agents, allowing us to develop an all-encompassing strategy through all phases of the financial process.

*We neither provide nor offer tax advice. You should consult your tax professional before engaging in any planned financial transactions that may have tax implications.


We believe that being both an investment management and research firm gives us an edge. Ken pioneered the development of several investment indexes and technical indicators, including the Winans Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI)™ and the Winans Real Estate Index (WIREI)™ (patent pending).

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