• We have all heard the phrase “History repeats itself!” Yet very few people seriously apply long-term history to the art and science of investing.
    -from Winans Investment Atlas

  • “All investment books should be this compelling.”
    -Kirkus Reviews

  • “This book reads like nothing I have read before and one feels the confidence in the writing.”
    -Readers’ Choice 5-Star Review

Investment Atlas II by Ken Winans

Investment Atlas II: Using History as a Financial Tool

This award-winning history book builds upon the success of historically based market analysis. Many of the time-tested research tools presented in Investment Atlas performed brilliantly, signaling that a new bear market had arrived in January, 2008 in stocks, bonds and real estate.  At the same time, Winans’ Atlas tracked the new bull market in common and preferred stocks that arose in April 2009.

Investment Atlas II not only updates this past research, but also introduces several new market indices, such as Winans-GFD International Housing Index and the Winans Legacy Stock Index. These valuable tools add insight into global real estate markets, presenting new ways for calculating stock market valuations as well as improved benchmarks for portfolio management.

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Preferred Stocks, The Art of Profitable Income Investing by Ken Winans

Preferred Stocks: The Art of Profitable
Income Investing

This book builds upon past historical research from Ken’s previous books with the addition of new research (market analysis, investment analysis, etc.), as well as revised methodologies in portfolio management for successful income investing in today’s environment.

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Investment Atlas by Ken Winans

Investment Atlas: Financial Maps to
Investment Success

We’ve all heard the phrase, “history repeats itself,” yet very few people seriously apply long-term history to the art and science of investing.

Because “a picture tells a thousand words,” the Investment Atlas contains charts of past investment activity, displaying effective ways to identify historical investment trends. It is faster and easier to determine the overall direction of the market with a chart than with a table of numbers.

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Preferreds, Wall Street's Best-Kept Income Secret by Ken Winans

Preferreds: Wall Street’s 
Best-Kept Income Secret

Introducing the first book since the 1930s that is devoted to traditional preferred stocks.

Preferreds was written to provide useful information on how, why, and when to take advantage of preferred stocks — the best-kept secret in income investing.

While the hard copy edition is no longer in print, there are a few copies still available at Amazon.com. An eBook version will be available here soon.

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