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  • “The key to long-term investment success is to correctly interpret investment history and apply it to today’s financial climate.”

  • “Staying 100% invested in the market 100% of the time is insane!”

  • “Remember, it’s what you keep after a bear market, not what you made at the market’s top!”

  • “While we have all heard the phrase “history repeats itself”, very few people properly apply long-term history to investing. Worst yet, the default assumption of most investors is to think it’s different this time.”

  • “Every investment should have a high price in which an investor is willing to realize significant profits by selling a portion of a position. Love your friends and family, but don’t love your investments.”

  • “Preferred stocks are Wall Street’s best-kept secret to income investing!”

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  • Winans Investments (formerly Winans International) is an independent and privately owned registered investment advisory firm.  Using our extensive in-house historical economic databases, we conduct proprietary research that helps us build wealth for our clients over the long haul. investment research


  • The hallmark of our approach is to try to lower investment risk. We combine common stocks and real estate investment trusts  with bonds and preferred stocks to achieve both long-term growth and stable income.


  • Of course, we know markets and that the influences upon them change. At WI, we actively monitor global news and events  reducing our clients’ investment exposure when our proprietary market research indicates it’s time to sell.

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